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About Our Short Story Competition:

Every month, we host a short story competition (350 words max), with each new prompt centered around a monthly theme. This competition is for elementary and middle schoolers. The competition will remain open for submissions until the 28th of each month. Prompts will provide starters get writers started.


Winners will receive the below:

1st Place - $25 Amazon Gift Card, and writing published in our Hall of Fame!

2nd Place -  $15 Amazon Gift Card, and writing published in our Hall of Fame!

3rd Place - $5 Amazon Gift Card, and writing published in our

Hall of Fame!

Runner Up  - Writing published in our Hall of Fame!


All competitions open on the 1st and close on the 28th of every month. You can submit to our competitions as long as it is the 28th somewhere in the world.

May 2024


In a normally quiet town where nothing ever happens, disaster suddenly strikes. Perhaps a cherished and mysterious object has vanished under strange circumstances, or a well-known figure from the community has unexpectedly disappeared. As your characters investigate deeper, they find puzzling clues and unexpected revelations. Write a story in which your character(s) investigate a mystery that has risen in their community, home, or similar significant setting. 

Stuck? Consider these starters:

What twists and turns do your character(s) encounter, and how do they react? What secrets are unveiled and what are the implications? Are your characters successful in solving the mystery? If so, how are they able to solve it?

Due to AP exams, the team will not be offering personalized feedback to submissions before the 20th for revision this May. However, writers may opt for personalized feedback on their story once results are released.

Questions? Contact us:


  • Why should I participate?
    In addition to encouraging creativity, participating in the Future Scholar Foundation's competitions provides the unique opportunity to gain early writing practice not found in typical schools. Such practice facilitates great improvement in grammar, style, and structure, all of which will be essential in excelling on future tests like the SAT and high school AP classes.
  • How much does it cost to participate in the competition?
    We believe the opportunity to showcase one's talents should be avaliable to all social groups. We want everybody to be able to learn as much as possible from their participation competitions. Thus, all of our competitions are, and will always be, 100% free.
  • Is the competition in-person or virtual?
    All English competitions are completely virtual to ensure ease of access for everyone. Competitions open on the first of every month and close on the 28th of the month. You can submit as long as it is the 28th somewhere in the world. Results are announced sometime the third week of the month. Submissions go here!
  • Who should I contact with additional questions?
    Our email is It is checked frequently - expect a response time of less than 12 hours!

All done? Submit Below!

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