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About Us

We're a team passionate about writing, exploring literature, and other wonderful things.

Our Mission:

To empower every child through innovative competitions and workshops, fostering essential skills and an appreciation for the arts to develop a brighter, empowered future.

Our Story:

How It Began

 Nathaniel Tok (Below) and Siddarth Batchu (Right) found an interesting trend about each of their most successful peers: all had participated in a multitude of competitions since elementary school. In such early practice, the students became Future Scholars, students armed with critical thinking abilities and a competitive spirit. They were ready for academic excellence. Nathaniel and Siddarth strove to make such opportunities accessible to all students in their community; thus, the Future Scholar Foundation was created.


Nathaniel and Siddarth decided to focus on two core subjects: English at first, and then Math. Fun and unique monthly prompts were developed for their English competitions, and unique Math questions that pushed participants to think outside the box were written. They aspire to create a vibrant community of young scholars, united by their hunger for knowledge and their determination to leave a lasting legacy on the world through impactful self expression skills facilitated by their English and Math competitions.

How It Evolved
How YOU Can Get Involved

Join our short story competitions now! Winners will have their writing published and receive gift cards!

Our Team

Meet our hardworking team!
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Siddarth Batchu



Angela Yang

Director of Design


Nathaniel Tok


Screenshot 2024-04-07 155504.png

Raghav Kalyana Sundaram

Director of Technology

alexander lu_edited.jpg

Alexander Lu

Director of Competition

Sanjog Shankar.png

Sanjog Shankar

Director of Photography



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