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"Tom the Savior" by Ayesha, Nov. 2023 3rd Place

There was a little town named Gobshire, in which people celebrate "Great Gobble Escapade!" every year. So this year, Tom the Turkey was very smart but he did not like the day of Thankgiving because people like to eat turkey on this day and he wanted to save his friends and himself from getting eaten.

Suddenly, Tom got a very good plan to tell the people that they can celebrate Thanksgiving in a different way. Firstly, "I can make some cookies for you all, and you cacn have some fun with your family members in decorating the cookies. Next, I can take out some coloring sheets that has turket drawn on it. Me and my friends can entertain you with our dance, when you need entertainment just call us and we will dance for you all. Just remember not to kill turkey as they like you.


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