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"Zyreon's New Year" by Prithvi: Jan. 2024 Runner Up

It was another morning at Voridia. Zyreon had just woken up. Zyreon's parents told him to think about a new year resolution. Zyreon thought all morning, but at lunch, he got it. He could go to Garp once a week. Garp was a place where aliens read stories about ancient aliens that went to Earth. Zyreon's favorite alien is Vyron. Vyron explored Earth. He had seen creatures called humans. Some aliens say he died to humans; others say he lives on Earth.

During the first week at Garp, he learned that aliens go to Earth sometimes like today. Zyreon wanted to go to Earth. He thought about sneaking into a spaceship. Without telling his parents, he went to the station. Before the aliens went on the ship, Zyreon went to the storage area. He hid in a box. When the ship had taken off, he opened the box a little and saw an alien outside the box. He made an alarm sound, and the alien ran into the control room. Zyreon crept outside the box and ran into the window room. He saw space.

After he had landed on Earth, he ran out onto Earth. Earth was super cold. He was super small. But he saw something the same size as him. He chased the creature. He had said hello to Vyron. Vyron told him lots about humans. Zyreon had even made a human friend named Carl. Then he went back to Voridia. He had lived a peaceful life.


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