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"Tom the Turkey" by Jayden: Nov. 2023 1st Place

Tom the turkey lived on a farm and every Thanksgiving, the farmer would harvest them. Tom the turkey was very unhappy this Thanksgiving. He knew that the farmer was getting ready to eat them. Tom decided that this Thanksgiving was going to be different. When the farmer came to feed the turkeys in the morning, Tom and his friends said,” gobbling you…goblins you….” instead of “gobble …..gobble”. The farmer thought he heard something wrong and weird. Instead of finding his regular brown boots, the farmer found two menacing-looking turkeys staring at him while wearing his boots.

He yelled” HOW DID THE TURKEYS GET IN HERE?” The farmer's wife found another two turkeys taking a bath while driving a car she yelled” HOW DID THE TURKEYS GET INTO THE CAR?” The farmer heard her yell and ran outside but when the farmer was out there was nobody in the car (just brown boots). HEY, HOW DID MY BOOTS GET OUTSIDE? When the farmer went back in to feed his pigs, he thought that two of the pigs looked weird. Two turkeys in a pig costume were dancing.

Then he yelled” HOW DID THE TURKEYS GET INTO THE PIG PEN?” During dinner, when the farmer was drinking soup he heard a noise and then he saw a stampede of turkeys running into the room with Tom in the lead, they ran all over the house and then he yelled” HOW DID THE TURKEYS GET INTO THE HOUSE?”

Then the turkeys ran all over the house and hid in the closets, under the bed, in his bathroom wearing his clothes. Before he went to sleep he went to kiss his wife but instead of feeling his wife’s cheeks, he kissed turkey cheeks. The farmer shouted” I DO NOT WANT TO SEE A TURKEY AGAIN!”

That did it! Tom and his friends were safe.


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