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“The Switch Adventure” by Lila Bowra: June 2024 1st Place

Ugh we are remodeling a bathroom and now I have to share my bathroom with my brother - gross! I wander into the bathroom hoping to see that it is almost done but the bathtub is missing and instead I see a secret trap door. I carefully opened it and inside was colorful bright lights that blinded me and I heard kid's voices giggling. I was scared to go in but I did anyway because I was curious to see why the kids were laughing.


Suddenly I am in my school classroom. Twenty pairs of eyes stared at me and I was CONFUSED. It was so quiet, all I could hear was the clock ticking. Then I realized I had switched places with my teacher and now I have to teach fractions. ’’If the numerator is bigger than the denominator then the fraction is greater than 1.” I don't know how that came out of my mouth but I sounded smart. Rrrriiiiinnnnnggg went the bell. Thank goodness, I didn’t know what else to teach the kids. As I tiredly walked through the door to leave the classroom, I found myself in my bathroom again.


Wow, what a cool experience! At first I was scared because I didn’t know what would happen but now I thought it was a really fun adventure. I started to wonder, will that happen again if I walk through the door? Who will I switch places with? What if it ends in a disaster and I don’t switch back to my normal self? I was too curious so I made up my mind - I'm doing it!


I slowly open the door and see lights again but this time I hear water bubbling. I go in the hole and suddenly I’m in my own kitchen, standing in front of the stove. It smells like a fresh loaf of bread is baking. I'm cooking pasta and two loud kids are yelling at me. One of the Ioud kids is me and now I am my Mom. Uh oh, does that mean I’m going to have to pay the bills?


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