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"The Reversal” by Raunak: Mar. 2024 2nd Place

Bobert Bobson licked the small stream of water that trickled down the stone’s surface. Ever since The Reversal, humans had been living like animals.

The ground shook. Bobert turned around and his eyes widened.

The poachers were here! With not much time to spare, Bobert took a cowardly dive into a nearby bush, and screamed as he realized it was a rose bush. Knowing that it was his only way to live, he crawled further in.

About twenty elephants rushed past, trumpeting in triumph. Bobert got out of the bush and winced as he removed hundreds of thorns from his body. The elephants were getting their revenge for ivory poaching by trampling people.

A bloodcurdling shriek erupted to his right. Bobert screamed and covered his ears. The destroyers were here!

Bobert sprinted behind a tree and waited for the destroyers to go away. After a minute, he stuck his head out and was horrified with what he saw. The chicken jumped up and tilted 90 degrees so that his head was facing away from Bobert, then opened fire. Hundreds of eggs were shot out of the chicken, smashing against Bobert’s face with devastating impact. Bobert tried to run past the chicken but was bolted in the side of his face by an egg, causing himself to fall into the rose bush again.

With dismay, Bobert realized the only way to stay safe was to stay in the bush.


Alas, this was just another day after The Reversal.


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