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"The Great Gobble Escapade in Gobshire" by Dhatri: Nov. 2023 2nd Place

In the wacky town of Gobshire, where weird stuff always happened, November meant it was time for the Great Gobble Escapade. Turkeys could suddenly talk for a whole month, and Tom, this cool turkey with crazy orange feathers and a talent for cracking jokes, was leading a revolt against Thanksgiving. Tom got together with his buds - Clara the sly cat, Benny the fearless bunny, and Dolly the adventurous duck. They were on a mission to make November fun, not feast-y.

First, they came up with the Great Gobble Talent Show. Turkeys did all kinds of silly things, like ballet and stand-up comedy. People couldn't stop laughing, and suddenly, eating turkey for Thanksgiving felt kinda wrong. But Tom wasn't stopping there. Next up was the Great Gobble Parade. Turkeys decked out in wild costumes paraded through town. Benny rode on a float made of veggies, and Clara danced while sitting on Dolly's back. It was a total blast, and folks were too busy cheering to think about eating turkey.

Then, Tom dropped the big one – the "Feast of Friendship." Everyone, humans and animals, got together for a feast without turkey on the menu. It turned Gobshire upside down. Turkeys went from being dinner to being pals. So, in the end, Tom and his gang not only saved their turkey buddies but also made November a month of joy and friendship in the kooky town of Gobshire.

It was the best November ever!


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