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"The Dragon Rune” by Anish Viswanatham: May 2024 Runner Up

In the peaceful valley of Cinderhelm, a startling event shattered the peace, the ancient Dragon Rune in the Dragon Spire had disappeared. The Dragon Rune was the vitality of the valley, and its disappearance sent waves of panic through the valley. Drake, one of the Valley’s elders, decided to take charge and uncover the mystery. 

Drake decided to take the help of Shadow, a young and adventurous dragon known for his intelligence and agility. Together, they followed a trail of claw marks and scratch marks leading to the Forbidden Woods, a place shrouded in mystery and dark history. As they bravely flowed the marks, they found signs of a struggle and residue of a strange, glowing substance. 

Deeper in the caves, they encountered Ember, a dragon from a distant land, who confessed to taking the Dragon Rune. She told them that her homeland was dying, and she thought the stone could save it. Taking into consideration her desperation but at the same time also recognizing Cinderhelm's need for the rune, Drake and Shadow proposed that they share the stone’s power by splitting it. They performed a ritual to split the Dragon Rune’s energy, ensuring prosperity for both lands. 

The stone was returned to Cinderhelm, and Ember’s homeland began to heal. This event forged a new alliance between the dragons of different lands, ensuring peace and prosperity. Cinderhelm was transformed with new friendships and shared futures, proving that even in the face of destruction, unity could lead to prosperity.


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