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"The Day Without Time” by Chloe: Apr. 2024 Runner Up

Charlotte and her brother James woke up confused. Their alarm clock didn’t go off. Charlotte wandered the house and realized that none of the electronics worked in the house. No phones, no computers, no TV. 'Does this mean no school today?' she thought. James felt so angry he couldn’t go on his phone. Charlotte felt so happy, but James was so mad he snapped at her. She felt hurt, so she ran to her room and cried. James felt bad so he went to apologize. She accepted and they decided to bounce on the trampoline.

Later that day they played with the neighbor, Jasper. At the park they ran into their friend from school Kayla. They played tag. They all realized that their electronics didn’t work too. They decided to play hide and seek. Charlotte won by hiding in the slide tube. They had so much fun.

After this, James and Charlotte went biking. They went over some jumps and they took a secret path back home. When they got home they had Italian food for dinner and it was delicious.

They spent time talking about their adventures. After a full day of play they went to bed and were tucked in before drifting off to sleep. The next day all the electronics were working again, but they realized they had more fun without them and decided to limit their time using them in the future.


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