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"Stolen Star" by Mina Ha: May 2024 2nd Place

Reyna was flying around in the peaceful Starshine Village when a powerful blast of wind shot her out of space. She sat up wondering what could’ve caused that blast, then realized: there was no wind in space. Reyna stood and walked to her moonbeam cottage, confused. Reyna’s young, curious mind refused to let it go. She thought for several days, only stopping to inhale some helium or drink some hydrogen. Finally, she walked into outer space and was met with pandemonium. 

Reyna hurried over to her friend, Itzel. “What happened?” 

“The Diamond of Stars! It disappeared along with our powers!” Itzel sobbed. 

Reyna’s eyes widened in surprise. “WHAT! But that’s impossible. It’s been under guard for centuries!” 

Itzel responded by running away and crying, “This thief got through!”

Suddenly, a boy stepped in front of Reyna. “Hello. Is this the star world?”

Reyna laughed nervously. Usually stars were able to read someone’s intentions but without the diamond, nothing. “Yes. Where are you from?”

The boy stared at her. “I really shouldn’t tell.” 

Reyna sighed, annoyed, “But I can’t get you home if you don’t tell me.” 

The boy cocked his head. “I come from Earth.” 

Reyna smiled kindly, “I hail from Starshine Village, the place surrounding you.” 

The boy grinned. “Now, could you get me home? I found this cool stone to sell.” 

Suspicious, Reyna narrowed her eyes. “Can I see?” The boy smiled excitedly and showed it to her. It was no mistake: that was the Diamond of Stars.


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