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Rishik: Apr. Reading Winner

My favorite book of the month was Alone by Megan E. Freeman. The book hooks you on from the beginning as a twelve-year old Maddie is left behind in her town that was mysteriously abandoned. Her only friends are a bunch of books and a Rottweiler named George. Maddie explores the harsh reality of survival as she tries to keep herself alive in a town with limited resources. Alone signifies the hardships of life and the countless challenges many people across the globe are facing. Unlike many books, the book can not only entertain you, but also make you thankful for what you have. Alone is written in verse, which is where writing is written in a rhythmic pattern. Personally, I love verse because it lets you feel the characters' emotions more explicitly. This book was also very enjoyable because of how easy it is to understand. Another part of the book I loved was how Maddie appreciated how important her family was to her. All in all, Alone by Megan E. Freeman was the most enjoyable book of the month for me.


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