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"If I Were The Teacher" by Natalie: Mar. 2024 Runner Up

Beep beep beep! My alarm is going off again. Ugh it's Monday morning and I have to go to school. I got myself dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and rushed to get to the bus stop on time.

I walked into class and saw the teacher was not in his seat and surprisingly Mr. Smith, my teacher, was in my seat! He looked at me and said “good morning, Teacher. What are you going to teach today?” I was going to be the teacher today??? That's great, I thought.

“Today we are going to learn and sample different kinds of candy.” I pulled out my Hallaween candy and said “we are first going to sample York Mints.” So I took all of my York Mints out of my candy bag and cut them into pieces for people to sample. My students enjoyed it and I was so happy they liked it.

Then I pulled out the next candy Hersheys. “We are going to learn a little history about Hersheys. Hersheys was invented by a man named Milton Hershey and his company was founded in 1894. Hershey's chocolate is great in smores.” I cut the Hershey into sample pieces. Everyone loved it. I was starting to get tired but luckily It was lunch time. Boy, being a teacher can be hard.


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