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"Elizabeth and the Piano” by Mina: Mar. 2024 3rd Place

One morning, I was fiddling with my hand when I heard a loud BAM from the living room! I raced to the sound, and saw a flurry of movement. But wait! Mom wasn’t home! I turned around carefully, just in case it was an animal, and was surprised to see that it was the piano playing Für Elise. Huh?

My mouth agape, I pointed helplessly at the instrument who turned and remarked, “It’s rude to point you know.” “B-but you’re a piano!” The piano nodded. “Call me Piano.” It looked around distastefully. “Your house is so messy. I don’t remember it being this messy.”

Still shocked about the talking piano, I blinked and avoided Piano’s gaze by looking at the house. “You’re right. It does look terrible. I need to clean this up before Mom comes home!” Piano played the DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! music. I shushed it and began to clean. “Hah!” Piano said. “Just do this!”

It played a song and everything in the room began to clean itself. “Gee!” I yelped as a vase floated away. “Now that that’s done with…” Piano mumbled. I looked up and basically yelled, “Yes?” Piano shuffled around. “Do you want to help me save some objects?”

I glanced at the room. “I’d love to, but Mom comes home soon!” Piano laughed. It played a jig and time froze. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and Mom yelled, “Elizabeth? Are you home?” Piano’s powers fizzled out and its eyes met mine, panic clear.

Oh boy.


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