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"A Great Santa Hat Adventure" by Ansh: Dec. 2023 2nd Place

One sunny morning, when I was going outside my house door, on a trip which was canceled because of the following, I found a magical Santa hat! When I wore it, it would take me to a place where I saw a sign that said “Candy City”.

The city has chocolate fountains, marshmallow buildings, chocolate stick branches & trunks, & cream snow. I was fascinated by how it looked! People could take a chocolate stick or marshmallow in December! When I walked to the water park, it was way more fun than I expected! There were water slides which lead to a bowl of cotton candy yummmm!

Once I was done with the cotton candy, I saw a wave pool & took a hot, relaxing bath in a peppermint flavored hot chocolate hot tub. I headed to a building which you have to eat your way through. The building was stuffed with Christmas donuts & gulab jamuns, Indian sweets!

Then, I went to a donut shop that gave so many donuts & special donuts like Oreo cookie donuts and Christmas donuts. The donut shop I visited had special donuts for every holiday and school break like summer break and Martin Luther King Day. I saw a lot of specials & picked 1 dozen donuts.

Then I went to a bookstore and bought the whole elephant and piggie series of 25 books. Then I removed the Santa hat and started playing.

It sure was a great adventure!


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